Create eye-catching Still Life images

Imagine if you could have someone guide you step by step and show you how to improve every aspect of your photography, from lighting to styling, to camera settings, inspirational ideas to try, fun things to challenge yourself. All with feedback and support, access to someone who lives and breathes this genre? A private Facebook group to ask questions (yes even the silly ones) to get support from peers and mentors. With Tutorials, you can access anytime you want and watch over and over, step by step guides on what settings to use, how to access and best light something, how to edit, how to create magic...learn the Art of Still Life Photography with award-winning photographer Julie Powell

The Art of Still Life Photography

The Art of Still Life is an all access pass to anything and everything in the Studio. I really wanted to do an extension from My Creative Still Life Journey, something that covers more and hopefully inspires more. I hope that you really dive in an enjoy the process on Your creative Still Life Journey. Find your way to peace, quiet and creative calm in this online Still Life class. Perhaps you're feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired…… Life a little less than creative? Lost your Mojo or not really sure WHERE to start?

Each module will bring you new lessons, a new theme and challenge, learning about lighting, staging and styling, different styles and genres, more about your camera and it's settings and so much more.

Learned advanced camera settings

Get off Auto and really learn how to use your camera, any camera. Learn shooting modes and metering modes, histograms and so much more.

Learn about different

sub genres

From commercial table top photography to flat lay, macro, working with water, action in motion to minimalism, country, rustic.

Learn about lighting, styling and staging

Learn how to really harness light, how to style and stage your scenes to create beautiful still life images. Learn creative techniques to make your images stand out from the crowd.

Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know to create my own signature looks, dark & moody and soft & dreamy. Camera settings, lighting & styling through to editing in Lightroom and beyond.

Eight self-paced modules covering the history of still life and the art behind it, techniques for learning your lighting, learning your camera settings. Working with fabric, food and flowers, working with water and reflections and working with textures.

Comes with bonus eBooks and Lightroom Presets, specially designed for this online class.

Make time for you

Time to slow down and create beautifully simple still life images, with a mix of natural light & artificial. Create a little 'Me time' and explore this genre of photography. All under the guidance of your instructor, Julie Powell.