Learn to create beautiful painterly portraits with the mixer brush

This mini-project comes with everything you need to complete a beautiful painterly portrait, including an eBook with full instructions, that can be downloaded. All videos that take you step by step through Where the Mixer Brush is in Photoshop, how to use it. All images used are supplied, but you are free to use your own as well.

The mixer brush is an underused and misunderstood tool in Adobe Photoshop. It can be used to over-paint on top of photos to create a beautiful, unique, and painterly look. Once mastered it can also be used to create paintings from a blank canvas, using various brushes. From Oil to watercolours and pastels. In these tutorials, you will be given all class materials, including a PDF eBook with all class notes and screen captures, which can be downloaded and kept or watched offline. Step by step videos on HOW to achieve each piece.

This mini-project could be completed in an afternoon or weekend…

PDF eBook

PDF eBook with all class notes and screenshots for this mini Project

Base Images

Included are base images, as well as additional images used to complete this project. Can be completed in an afternoon or over a weekend.

Self-paced & Online

Downloadable videos cover step by step how to achieve the final piece, videos can also be watched online from anywhere.

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