Table & Plate

Create mouth-watering images, that make your viewer crave your dish, with Photographer Julie Powell

Take your food photography to the next level, learn HOW you can create beautiful mouth-watering temptations, from your own kitchen.

This class offers a variety of food in nature and some artificial light, learn to make the most of what you already have. We look at breakfast, entrees and snack, lunch, dinners and of course desserts.

In this class we look will look at basics; props, lighting and equipment, but also working with chocolate, frozen berries, coloured powders and more.

What’s included?

We will cover some basic prep and camera gear etc, and then get straight into it, this is like an extension of For the Love of Food class. We cover at least four dishes in each subheading; breakfast, snacks and entrees, lunch, dinners and desserts. Each with behind the scenes videos and follow along with edits, there are no secrets in my classes you get to see it ALL.

Add to that a Closed and Private Facebook Group for even more ideas and inspiration, plus help and guidance every step of the way.

Step by Step

Step by step behind the scenes videos on lighting, staging and styling for each model

A variety of recipes

Shoots include a variety or recipes, from breakfast, lunches, dinners and desserts. Family favourite and new ideas to try

Try different styles

With a mix of different styles and lighting, dark and moody, soft and dreamy. Artificial and Natural Light.

Class Synopsis

  • Module one - Welcome, gear, setup, props
  • Module two - special touches, candied lemons, chocolate leaves, using powder and dusting, frozen berries and drizzling chocolate
  • Module three - Breakfast Food stories;
  • Banana Smoothie, Berry yoghurt crunch, egg and bacon muffins, avocado on toast with blistered tomatoes, croissants with Nutella and strawberries
  • Module four - Snacks & Entrees
  • Rustic truss tomatoes, mini bruschetta, dip and flatbread sticks, nachos, Sung choice bao
  • Module five - Mains Food stories;
  • Basil pesto and zucchini noodles, cherry tomatoes & chorizo penne, that green curry, chick salad
  • Module six - Dessert food stories;
  • Lemon cheesecake, chocolate cake, danish, panna cotta, mousse


“Julie, thank you for introducing me to this fabulous genre of photography. The ‘For The Love Of Food’ on-line course is fantastic. I love the challenges (my Sunday afternoons ‘me time’) that get me out of my comfort zone and thinking about different ways to photograph food. The ‘bite-size’ sessions are perfect, the information provided, tips, recipes and videos are inspiring and extremely helpful. This is one genre that I will happily continue on with. ”

— Lisa

“I’ve done a Dark and Moody Still Life Workshop with Julie and it was awesome. Small sized group and excellent props and advice. I was a bit nervous about attending, but Julie is welcoming and very professional. I Learnt so much, cannot wait until I can do another class. Highly recommend it.”

— Judy

“As a landscape and people photographer, I have always been curious about food and still life photography. Julie’s website is simply beautiful that captures the light and the images looks peaceful, moody and romantic. I have gone to two of Julie’s workshops and I am halfway through her online courses. I highly recommend these. The workshops are fun and relaxing. Julie knows her subject matter and does not get too technical. I am grateful for Julie’s work as they have paved the way for my style and interest. So reader, have a look at Julie’s Classes and enjoy.”

— Sue

Example Curriculum

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  Snacks & Entrees
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